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Sperian Respirator

The sperian respirator is a half mask face piece that is reusable air purifying respirator. It has filters size l. The respirator friends a sperian half mask which helps to prevent contact with other clothing and equipment. The respirator is available in black and green.

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The sperian respirator is a high-quality half mask that includes four filters. It is perfect for use in difficult environment, such as an air traffic control or medical setting. The respirator is also comfortable to wear, and it comes with a case. The respirator is made of high-quality materials, and it is sure to safety your workers.
the sperian respirator is a life-saving device that helps to protect workers from harmful gas and liquid exposure. The respirator features a 100% compliance with the internationalodan act, and is backed by a limited warranty. The respirator can help to protect workers from infection with the haemorrhagic disease, and from other risks from air and airborne diseases.
the sperian respirator is a half mask that contains a silicone blue filter. The filter ensures that air does not escape and can be used for medical care. The respirator also has four filters for a more efficient breathing experience.

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